Michèle is a miracle worker! If she can teach my father and I... she can teach anyone! People are STILL talking about our special dance. 


Thanks Michèle!



My husband and I decided to take dance lessons with Michèle for our wedding in 2005. We spent several months learning how to Waltz for our first dance and boy did it pay off! A few of our guests knew we had taken lessons but the majority didn't and once we started dancing, the cheers and WOW's from the crowd put us both at ease. I will never forget the smiles on everyone's faces and the DJ getting on his microphone to say that our first dance was the best he had ever seen. It was definitely a fun way to kick off the reception. 


The best part about taking lessons was the "date night" experience my husband and I shared each time we went in for a lesson. Putting on your dance shoes and forgetting about everything else to focus on dancing was just what we needed.


Thanks Michèle!



We originally decided to take some dance lessons because of upcoming weddings. We decided on just a few classes to make us more comfortable on the dance floor. Michèle is so easy to work with and really knows how to teach the subtle nuances you need to make a dance beautiful. What we found was that not only is dancing fun, it's also a great way to learn more about yourself and your abilities. There is a lot more to dancing than what appears on the surface and Michèle takes the time to make sure you're doing it right. 


The most important thing I should mention is that it never feels like work when your learning. It's always fun because Michèle makes it fun! Now we can't wait to get out there on the floor and strut out stuff!


Thanks Michèle! If you can work wonders with us, you can teach anyone!



I took lessons at a couple of franchised studios in the area before I found Michèle and I must say, there is no comparison! She is patient, attentive, talented and has a real passion for teaching. I've enjoyed my lessons more and have retained more information than I have in any other classes I've taken elsewhere. Her techniques are fabulous and her enthusiasm infectious! Taking classes with Michèle is one of the best decisions I've ever made.


My lessons with Michèle are a weekly escape into another world. A step into a Zen state of now, where all that matters is the rhythm, the music, the laughter... the dance. No matter how tight my budget gets, dance is a requirement. A staple. A given.


Thank you Michèle!



Thanks for the wedding dance lessons Michèle! It was an awesome experience!



OMG! Our wedding dance was amazing! Flawless and beautiful! We even got to dance it again for the last dance of the evening. Thank you! We can't wait to share photos and video!


Brian & Kristina

Michèle provides expert instruction in social dancing. The studio floor is excellent. The studio itself is very clean and nicely appointed with classy decorations. She has an excellent music library and a clear sound system. Everyone there seems to be having a lot of fun! 



Michèle has fantastic rates, great instruction and you'll have lots of fun learning from her!


Faith VanDemark

Hi Michèle,


I just thought you might like to know that Bobby and I celebrated New Year's Eve at the Turning Stone Casino and they had an awesome band. We danced our tails off! The singer of the band came up to us during their break and said, "I am so enjoying watching you two dance! You look awesome!" That was so nice to hear and we owe it all to you. Well, a little bit to Bobby and I because we practice, practice, practice!


Happy New Year! See you soon...


Brenda & Bobby

My husband Wayne and I were at one of the local Pride events and there was a Salsa group class. We decided to join the class. After the lesson was done, the instructor asked us where we took lessons. She didn't ask us if we took lessons, but where we took lessons. Of course we said "With Michèle Paré!".  


Thank you Michèle! 



Not having much of any dance knowledge or experience, I was hesitant about getting out onto the dance floor. But now, after just two lessons, I am looking forward to getting out there and practicing what I've learned. 


Michèle is an outstanding instructor! She will work with you individually, tailoring the lessons to your specific interests and doing so at whatever pace you're comfortable with. I highly recommend giving it a shot. I'm sure you'll learn a lot and have fun too.





Michèle is an awesome dance teacher. She was extremely friendly and helpful and very good at teaching the two of us how to dance. We looked great on the dance floor on our wedding day, and it was all thanks to her! I'd totally recommend her to anyone.


- Weddingwire Bride Review

My dad and I took a lesson from Michèle to prepare us for our Father/Daughter dance at my wedding. She instructor did a great job of making us comfortable with our dance and eased any anxieties we had with dancing. She was very patient and taught us how to begin the dance, end the dance, and gave us cueing on where to do spins during the song. She was great and I would highly recommend her to others. I wish that I lived in the area because we would have taken other dance lessons aside from just one. There is also a good discount for first-time lessons which is nice!


-Weddingwire Bride Review

Michèle was an awesome teacher. My husband and I signed up for lessons in April for our July 30th wedding. We received 12 lessons for the price of 10. We were looking to learn dance steps that would work well with our wedding song, and Michèle did exactly that! On every lesson we learned something new and continued to perfect the steps we already learned. The only suggestion I would have would be to sign up at least 3 months before your wedding date so you have plenty of time to practice and feel confident. We had an awesome experience at her studio!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

Michèle is wonderful to work with! She is very professional, friendly, and a calming presence during what can be a stressful time for a couple. Michèle was always flexible in scheduling our private dance lessons as we had busy schedules and she did her best to accommodate our first-choice time slots. A word of advice for brides-to-be: Schedule you dance lessons AT LEAST 3-4 months prior to your wedding and farther ahead if it is peak wedding season! It can take awhile to get comfortable with dancing! Overall I give her instruction 5 out of 5 stars! It was great to work with Michèle!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

My husband and I started taking dance lessons with Michèle in February for our June wedding. From the beginning, she was awesome and very understanding. She took the time to listen to concerns that we had and fix them and she told us about concerns that she had and helped us to fix any problems. She teaches at a pace that works for you and your partner. She is not one of those strict dance instructors and my husband and I had A LOT of fun at every lesson. We looked forward to seeing Michèle every other week for our lesson and we thorougholy enjoyed every lesson that we had with her. My sister-in-law and her fiancé just started lessons with her for their October wedding because we told them how great she was. I highly recommend taking lessons from her!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

Michèle is a phenomenal dance instructor! My husband and I were recently married this past June and decided to take dance lessons from Michèle so that our first dance at our wedding could be extra special. Michèle is a natural when communicating with her students about dance because she made us feel comfortable and relaxed, works at your own pace, and always keeps a positive attitude! Given our lack of dance experience, Michèle was very patient and understanding. I would highly recommend her instruction to any couple looking to create a distinctive, fun, and memorable first dance experience! Thanks so much Michèle!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

Michèle was a fantastic instructor. She made our lessons fun. We were amazed at how much we looked forward to them each week. Not only did she help us to look amazing for our first dance, but helped us learn dance skills and a way to enjoy being together that we'll enjoy for a lifetime!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

This was the best thing ever! We had one month to learn to dance for our wedding in Europe. To this day people talk about our amazing first dance. AND we had so much fun doing it together. A great touch to any wedding!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

We weren't interested in spending months learning to dance but instead only wanted to learn a few simple moves for our first dance to look elegant on the dance floor. Michèle respected this objective and worked with us to develop a few moves within a short period of time. I'm sure we would have looked much better if we had been dedicated to months of practice, but one month with her instruction was enough to earn us compliment after compliment after we danced on our wedding day.


- Weddingwire Bride Review

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we scheduled dance lessons with Michèle. However, we couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome! A professional first dance together is priceless. The money and time we put into our dance was 100% worth it, as our dance surprised our guests and gave us a great memory from the wedding. I would highly recommend all couples getting married take lessons from Michèle! She was professional, fun and made the process very unintimidating.


- Weddingwire Bride Review

Michèle was very easy to work with and made us feel comfortable on the dance floor! Our first dance turned out great thanks to her!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

We had such a great time! Michèle was very patient and made us feel comfortable and confident. Our wedding dance was a huge hit! Thank you Michèle for all your help and we're sure to be back to learn some more Swing dancing.


- Weddingwire Bride Review

Working with Michèle was a great experience. The professionalism and qualilty of music and dance was beyond compare. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is interested in having a memorable first dance or just some memorable dance fun. You won't be sorry!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

We absolutely loved taking lessons with Michèle! She is a fantastic teacher and so much fun to work with. The dance was beautifully planned by Michèle and a huge hit at the reception! I can't imagine not having that dance It was once in a life time perfect thanks to her! Thanks so much Michèle! We hope to take lessons again soon just for fun! And the photos you posted of us show what a great teacher you are! See you soon!


- Weddingwire Bride Review

We began taking lessons with Michèle shortly after arriving to Albany from Madison, Wisconsin. We took a few months of lessons in Madison and learned many basic dance steps. Michèle has taken our dancing to the next level in a very short amount of time. Her passion for dancing and her students makes our lessons a lot of fun!


Chris and Miguel   

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